A Legacy of Artistry: ONE™ x P.E. Guerin

Discover a modern-day masterpiece, crafted in the finest luxury brassware.
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A Legacy of Artistry out of New York City

Created by the artisans at P. E. Guerin, New York City’s storied makers of custom hardware with 165 years of expertise, each custom handle marries unique handcrafted details with contemporary design to iconic ends

165 Years of Handcrafted Expertise

P.E. Guerin, New York City’s storied makers of custom hardware, are renowned for their 165-year history of designing for aristocrats, past presidents, and museums. In the hands of P.E. Guerin’s skilled artisans, Kallista’s iconic ONE™ collection fixtures become modern-day masterpieces featuring unique hand-hammered details.

Discover Rare Hand-Hammered Handles

“These handles are handcrafted from start to finish at P.E. Guerin’s historic NYC foundry, established in 1892. The handles start with solid brass, which is then drilled and tapped on the lathe. They are then meticulously hand-hammered by a chaser, an artisan experienced in shaping metal in various textures with a hammer and specialty chisels, until the surface is dappled all over with sparkling facets. The handles are then polished to bring out a captivating shine and are joined with the foundation of the ONE collection.” -Martin Grubman, Vice President of P.E. Guerin